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Tiger Woods offers a Masters lesson to Guan Tianlang

Tiger Woods offered a few pointers to Guan Tianlang at Augusta National. (Don Emmert / Getty Images)

Guan Tianlang wasn’t looking for an autograph Monday, although he got that. Instead, he approached the world’s No. 1 golfer and the Masters favorite this week with something else in mind.

The 14-year-old from China, who will become the youngest player ever to compete in the Masters on Thursday, wanted to play a little golf with Tiger Woods in the afternoon.

“He’s not even in high school. He’s in middle school. And he’s in the Masters,” Woods, who agreed and shared a little Augusta National knowledge, said (via USA Today). “It’s a pretty remarkable story. We had a good time. The kid is 14. And he’s good.”

Guan will break the Masters age record by quite a bit; Matteo Manassero was 16 when he played in 2010. Woods was 19 when he first played in the Masters.

“It’s frightening to think that he was born after I won my first Masters,” said Woods, 37, who met Guan three years ago on a trip overseas to promote golf to youngsters. Woods remembers the meeting and said “the kid” had a great swing then. “I mean, that’s just frightening.”

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