Tiger Woods shot a 70 Saturday. (Harry How / Getty Images)

Tiger Woods, after a day that began with a controversy that resulted in a two-shot penalty before the third round of the Masters, shot a 70 and said afterward that he “absolutely” had no problem with being penalized.

Girlfriend Lindsey Vonn watched again Saturday. (Jewel Samad / AFP Getty Images) Girlfriend Lindsey Vonn (left) watched again Saturday. (Jewel Samad / AFP Getty Images)

“I made a mistake,” Woods told CBS of his illegal drop after hitting into the water Friday on the 15th hole. “Under the rules of golf, I took an improper drop and I got the penalty.”

Woods went to bed thinking he would start the day at 3-under par. Things changed this morning.

“…I got a text from Steiny [agent Mark Steinberg] that said, ‘Call me.’ It’s never a good thing when that happens,” Woods said, laughing. “I called him up and was explained the situation and I called Fred [Ridley, chairman of Augusta National’s competition committee]. And Fred said, ‘Come on in, let’s take a look at it, let’s talk about it’ and I did.”

There was a possibility that Woods might be disqualified, given that he’d signed an erroneous scorecard. But he said he wasn’t worried about that.

“No, because under the rules of golf, that’s not–I’m abiding by the rules,” he said. “They made the determination that nothing had happened yesterday and after what I had said [about placing the ball], things changed and they called me in this morning and I got a two-shot penalty. And, you know, time to play.

Woods matched his first-day score after shooting a 73 Friday.

It certainly was a distraction early, with the routine,” Woods said with a small laugh. “It’s like anything. It happens and you move on.”

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