Nick Yanni describes the injuries he and his wife sustained. (Darren McCollester / Getty Images)

Nick Yanni was standing on  the sidewalk outside the Marathon Sports store on Boylston Street, waiting for his wife to cross the Boston Marathon finish line, when bombs exploded.

“It shattered the window next to us and I looked back and a saw a cloud of smoke and I realized that something was going on,” Yanni said (via the Boston Herald) at a press conference at Tufts Medical Center.

LeeAnn Yanni was struck on the lower leg by shrapnel and she ran into the store. “She said, ‘Grab something to make a tourniquet,’ so I grabbed shirts off the rack, and I started wrapping her leg up,” Yanni said.

Yanni’s eardrum was perforated by the blast and his wife will have surgery on her leg Wednesday.

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