What’s a fellow to do if he’s finished for the season in April? (Christian Petersen / Getty Images)

Kobe Bryant is swearing off Twitter. Honest. And, as anyone who’s ever tweeted knows, well, let’s just say good luck, big fella, and leave it at that.

Bryant has a valid reason, though. Presently unable to get around in the first week of recovery from Achilles surgery, he let his thumbs do the talking during the Los Angeles Lakers’ first playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs and became the story with tweets that were often analytical, often critical, often just yapping with fans. After the game, Lakers Coach Mike D’Antoni rolled his eyes when asked about his superstar’s help. “It’s great to have that commentary,” he said in a burst of sarcasm. And he added that Bryant was “a fan right now.”

That was enough for Kobe.

You can’t blame a guy for trying to help. Even if his teammates aren’t going to see that assistance until much later and might not, um, be too receptive. It’s really America’s loss, though. Bryant, whose season ended April 12 when he tore his left Achilles, was terrific on the Twitters, even if he couldn’t keep the Lakers from dropping Game 1:


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