Neil Diamond. Fenway. (Jim Rogash / Getty Images)

Neil Diamond, the singer whose “Sweet Caroline” is a staple at Boston Red Sox games and was played at ballparks around the country after the Boston Marathon bombings, is back at work, finding fresh inspiration from Boston.

“I’m writing now and obviously affected by this situation in Boston,” he told Rolling Stone, “so I’m writing about it just to express myself.”

Diamond, 72, said there was no timetable for finishing it, but told Rolling Stone at the end of last week that he had a head of steam.

“I spent the whole day recording it and I will spend tomorrow recording it. With a little bit of help from the man upstairs, I’ll have it finished by the weekend.”

Diamond performed “Sweet Caroline” Saturday at Fenway Park, after Red Sox officials said he called and said, “Hey, I’m here. Can I come?” It may not be the greatest song ever written, but it made for a pretty magical day on the diamond in Boston and around the country.

“I was humbled and honored to be in Boston and be able to personally thank,” he told, “and express my gratitude to the first responders and law enforcement officers.”

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