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Judging by the reaction of Dallas Cowboys fans to the team’s decision to draft a center with its first-round pick in the NFL draft, Jerry Jones is much better at libraryin’ than he is at general managin’.

Jones was multi-tasking Thursday, attending the dedication of the George W. Bush presidential library and making a draft-day trade with San Francisco to move back to 31st and take Wisconsin’s Travis Frederick. That’s a move that caused Cowboys fans at Radio City Music Hall to experience more outrage than Jets fans, which is saying something.


Jones’s 60th draft-day trade wasn’t much more popular with pundits, either. Jonathan Bale, blogging at the Dallas Morning News, thinks the Cowboys could have gotten more from the 49ers. Eighty-two percent of voters in a DMN poll disapproved of the trade, with 31 percent of voters giving it an “F,” 27 percent giving it a “D” and 26 giving it a “C.”

The Cowboys, Charean Williams writes at Star-Telegram.com, lost on everyone’s draft chart — except the one that matters. Guess who controls that one.

By most accounts, the Cowboys “lost” their trade, 900 points to 820, with the San Francisco 49ers because they gained only a third-round pick in their exchange of first-rounders. Eighty points is a significant difference; getting within 10 to 50 points is generally acceptable. To even up the score, the Cowboys should have gotten back a second-round pick.

But executive vice president Stephen Jones said there’s more than one way to read a chart.

“There are a whole lot of them,” he said. “We have one that we work off of, and we do update it. I would say that on the ones that we have, for the most part, we either won or hit right on it.”

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