Andrew Wiggins (with his mother, Marita Payne-Wiggins) announced his decision today. (Sholten Singer / AP)

Andrew Wiggins, considered the best high school basketball player in the country, has decided which college he will play for and … it’s Kansas.

Wiggins, a 6-foot-8 small forward from Canada, made his preference known at the Huntington, W.Va., prep school he attends, according to Grant Taylor, a Huntington Herald-Dispatch reporter who was the only media member allowed to cover the ceremony.

“This kid is even better than advertised when you see him in person,” ESPN’s Dick Dick Vitale told USA Today. “He fits into the category of LeBron James as a high school player we’ve never seen before because of his explosiveness.”

Other schools in the running were Florida State, Kentucky and North Carolina. By playing at Kansas, he’ll be close to his brother, Nick, who plays at Wichita State.

“I know people expect a lot from me and want to see certain things when I play, but it’s not really any pressure for me,” Wiggins told The Post’s Brandon Parker last December. “I guess I like the attention. . . . well, I mean, I don’t mind it. Sometimes it can be a lot. I deal with it, though.”

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