Lindsey Vonn went out on the town without Tiger Woods on Monday. (Brad Barket / Invision AP)

So, just months after going public with going public with their how relationship, how are things going for Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods?

Just fine, thanks. Vonn, the Olympic skier who is rehabbing after reconstructive knee surgery, has spent most of her spare time walking the golf courses of America in the galleries that follow her beau. She’s been followed relentlessly by photographers as she has jet-skied with and taken Woods’s children to school.

(Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images) (Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images)

“It’s weird. I’m used to it in the ski world, but not in my personal life,” Vonn said of all the attention (via E! News). “So, it’s been difficult and interesting.

“I mean, it’s weird when people are taking pictures of you when you don’t know it. It’s a little bit — a lot — intrusive. But we’re dealing with it and we’re happy, and that’s all that matters.”

Vonn was interviewed as she made an appearance at the CFDA Fashion Awards Monday in New York. Woods wasn’t with her. Presumably he was off working on his golf game after his dismal performance in the Memorial Tournament over the weekend.

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