Why, that's Bill Callahan...with Jason Witten. (Ron Jenkins / AP) Why, that’s Bill Callahan…with Jason Witten. (Ron Jenkins / AP)

Bill Callahan says he will call the Dallas Cowboys’ offensive plays this season. The team’s owner/general manager/rap artist/pizza hawker/Jerry Wipes inventor/trash talker said a decision on that matter was made weeks ago. Jason Garrett wasn’t saying much.

Even by Jerry Jones’s standards, things are getting a little absurd in Dallas.

On Tuesday, Jones, the owner and general manager of the team, refused to say which coach would call plays for the team this season.

“I don’t want to say.”

Then, this being Jerry Jones, he went on.

“If you’ve been looking at practice you can get a pretty good idea of how it’s going there,” Jones said. “You can see Bill very involved in what we’re doing.”

That would be Bill Callahan, the offensive coordinator who said he last called plays as the head coach at Nebraska. The decision to get him “involved” was, Jones said, “made weeks ago.” Callahan indicated to reporters that he’ll be calling the plays.

“I’m flattered and as I said this a long time ago when we were visiting in January and February, everybody has a stake in this,” Callahan said (via ESPN’s Calvin Watkins).

“It’s a compliment to our staff and it tells you the way our guys work on the offensive side of the ball. It’s been productive all the way around. I’m really encouraged, I’m honored and just do the best job for our fans and our team.”

The Cowboys do have a head coach, Garrett, and a quarterback, Tony Romo, who is expected to be more involved in decisions, the owner says. Garrett, according to Callahan, is still intimately involved in the offense.

“He’s got an eye on the offense and rightfully so,” Callahan said. “This is his area of expertise. This is his offensive system. So I’m really honored. I’m flattered to be part of this and take on the additional responsibilities of calling plays during the course of the game.”

What did the head coach have to say about all of this? Initially he said only, “We’re working our way through practice right now and we have a plan. No real comment beyond that.”

That wouldn’t do and he was further pressed. Although the Dallas Morning News’ Rainer Sabin described him as “clearly irked” by questions, he said he isn’t concerned about how this looks to the outside world.

“Because I know what I do each and every day in regards to this football team,” Garrett said (via the Morning News). “And I know how [Jones] and I work together and how this organization works, and how well we work together and how well we communicate and how we come to decisions. I know what I do when I get up in the morning and come over here and coach this football team.”

Garrett was asked if, perhaps, he and Jones might not agree on how best to share information with the outside world, Garrett said (via Sabin) with a smile and a laugh:

“I think you can draw your own conclusions.”

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