Julia Dale’s “Star-Spangled Banner” was part of a fiery pregame ceremony. (Wilfredo Lee / AP)

Julia Dale, a 12-year-old from South Florida, stole the show that preceded Game 2 of the NBA finals in Miami

Forget the fire, the smoke, the cheesy announcer elongating players’ names. Dale belted out a national anthem that had people talking. She’s been something of a good-luck charm for the Heat, although she’s only 1-1 in these finals so far, with Miami beating the San Antonio Spurs 103-84.

She brings the house down when she gets to “the land of the free,” her favorite part of the anthem.

“When I get to the word ‘free,’ I go into my high voice, which shows my range, and I really look forward to that part every time I sing it because I get a loud cheer at that moment,” Dale, a sixth-grader from Davie, Fla., told the Miami Herald. “Even though the anthem is really hard to sing because of its high range, I love it because it’s such a patriotic, powerful song and it makes me very proud.”

Her Game 1 performance:

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