Tiger Woods works on his putting. (Charlie Riedel / AP)

When Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia met on the practice tee on Monday at the U.S. Open, there was a cool handshake. There was not, according to Woods, a face-to-face apology for the “fried chicken” remark Garcia made last month.

Feel the warmth as Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods press the flesh. (Associated Press) Feel the warmth. (Associated Press)

“No, we haven’t had time for that,” he said in a press conference Tuesday at Merion Golf club. “No, we didn’t discuss anything. He just came up, said hi and that was it.”

Garcia apologized last month for the remark, which took their Players Championship sniping to a new level. “It’s already done,” Woods said. “We’ve already gone through it all. It’s time for the U.S. Open. We tee it up in two days.”

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Garcia, according to the Associated Press’ Doug Ferguson, left a note for Woods in the locker room, a place where Woods typically spends little time.

Maybe he could hire a skywriter.

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