(Joe Mahoney / AP) Scott Pioli is heading to TV. (Joe Mahoney / AP)

The latest addition to NBC’s “Football Night in America” telecast, the lead-in to “Sunday Night Football,” is a former NFL executive of the year.

Scott Pioli, the general manager fired by the Kansas City Chiefs in Janaury, has been hired to be an “informationalist” for NBC, according to SI.com’s Richard Deitsch.

“I just saw another smart football mind that gives us a different perspective that we don’t have on the team right now — a player personnel guy who has a smart way of looking at the game,” Sam Flood, NBC Sports’ executive producer, said. “We will try him in different areas throughout the show and it will all depend on his development. “I told Scott he’ll earn his airtime.”

Pioli’s role, as befitting an “informationalist,” is still evolving.

“I am evaluator by nature so I wanted to spend time taking it all in to make a thoughtful decision,” Pioli, a former vice-president of football operations for the New England Patriots, said (via Deitsch). “I decided this would be a great, new opportunity. Evaluating in my old job the things I did well and the things I did not do well, I certainly believe understanding the media and what their job is was something I did not do a good job of. I thought this was a good opportunity to learn and grow, and get better in a lot of different areas.”

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