David Beckham just can’t kick the habit. (Get it?) (Lintao Zhang / Getty Images)

David Beckham as an NFL placekicker? Oh, what a smashing idea.

One NFL team reportedly thinks so and has reached out to the retired soccer legend. “An NFL franchise scout contacted the star,” the Mirror reports, “to see if he would be interested in trying out as a star kicker.”

What better way to establish a footing in England than by adding the man whose feet are a national treasure? Even better if he happens to be on the roster of the team the league puts in London. Unless, of course, he happens to do this:

Beckham, 38, wasn’t buying into the idea, though, according to the Mirror. “The offer came in and he politely said that it wasn’t right for him. Perhaps in the next few months he could change his mind.”

Still, he has worn an NFL uniform in the past, if only for a commercial.

It seems destined not to happen, but just pause for a moment … Bill Belichick has been known to roll the dice on a player; imagine the Becks and Brady and Tebow Show.

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