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The 44-year-old daughter of Joe Torre saved the life of a baby boy Wednesday morning, catching him when he fell from a Brooklyn building.

Christina Torre was having coffee in a cupcake shop, she told NBC 4 New York, when a man rushed in, telling people to call 911.

She made the call and went outside, watching the child and moving into position to make the catch if he fell.

“I quickly got up and looked, and there was a baby kind of straddling the fire escape between the second and the third floor,” she said. “All of a sudden it slipped, and it was dangling and holding on with its hands.”

The baby couldn’t hold on and hit an awning as he fell into Torre’s hands.

“I was still talking to 911 and I just put out my arms, and literally, it was effortless,” she said. “It was meant to be. He landed in my arms.”

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Torre, whose father was a longtime major-league catcher as well as former manager of the New York Yankees, “just smiled and said she was in shock,” witness Kristina Bramsen told the New York Daily News.

The baby was in stable condition at a hospital, according to police. His parents were charged with reckless endangerment and acting in a manner injurious to a child under 17. Police believe the baby slipped through cardboard placed next to an air-conditioning unit in the window of the family’s second-floor apartment.

Joe Torre told NBC at Yankee Stadium that he “got goosebumps” when he learned of his daughter’s catch.

“The kids are our future and when you get a situation where the good Lord puts you in a position where you’re there, and a child’s life is in your hands, literally…It feels good to me,” Torre, now the executive vice-president of baseball operations for Major League Baseball, said at Yankee Stadium, “I know it did to her.”

Christina Torre, who teaches at a Montessori preschool, said she hoped the baby’s parents “learn from this,” she said. “There have to be safety measures put in place to protect the children because [it’s] so quick that all this can happen.”

Sorry, Joe, but you’re no longer the best catcher in your family.

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