LeBron James has got his hands full. Good thing he has an “answering machine.” (Brendan Smiakowski / Getty Images)

Want to get something off your chest, now that LeBron James has won two straight NBA Finals MVP awards and led the Miami Heat to championships in two of the last three years?

Nike can help, no matter whether your message is sincerely congratulatory, a bile-filled “I take back all the rotten things I said about you” or something decidedly NSFW. Shortly after the Heat’s Game 7 win, Nike dropped this new ad with the words:

“LeBron won back-to-back. Wait for the beep. Leave your message. (305) 767-2226.”

When you dial the number, you’ll hear this: “This is LeBron. Please leave a message.”

Spike Lee, Warren Buffett, Dr. Dre, Mike Krzyzewski, Phil Knight, Drake, and Bill Russell have already “left messages,” so you know it’s totally legit that James still uses a machine like this. And a landline.

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