Aaron Hernandez, who played in a Super Bowl in February 2012, (Brent Smith / Reuters)

With their team’s star tight end in jail on murder charges, New England Patriots fans have several options on what to do with his No. 81 jersey: keep it, trade it in this weekend, give it away, throw it away or sell it for big bucks.

Aaron Hernandez memorabilia is suddenly a hot commodity on eBay, where his jersey sold for $289 over the weekend according to the Boston Globe. John Lamothe, a Patriots fan in Florida, felt the way the team does and wanted to be rid of his Hernandez jersey.

“I thought about giving it to Goodwill,” he told the Globe, “but I didn’t think anybody would want it.”

So he figured he’d try for $15 or so on eBay — and got $289.

Bidding on another store-bought jersey, purchased for $50, is up to $227 and another is up to $207. The Globe found fans willing to say why they were selling the jersey but not why they were buying it. It’s unclear whether the interest is maudlin or shrewd investing.

“I can’t think of any reason why people would want it,” Lynn L’Heureux, whose $100 Hernandez jersey is up to $127 on eBay, told the Globe. “They might think it will go up in value later on, and maybe it will, but I’m not interested. I just don’t want it in my possession. I want to use the money to buy a jersey that reflects my pride in the Patriots.”

Perhaps fans are turning to eBay because they have no other chance at getting back some of their money. The Patriots will offer fans the chance to exchange Hernandez jerseys this weekend, but that’s only July 6 and 7 and only at the Patriots’ pro shop.

Hernandez was charged June 26 with the murder of Odin Lloyd and is being held without bail. He has entered a not-guilty plea, but the Patriots released him just 90 minutes after his arrest.

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