Is Alex Rodriguez on deck for Biogenesis punishment? (Daniel Wallace / AP)

Alex Rodriguez is all but assured of facing a lengthy punishment from Major League Baseball in connection with the Biogenesis investigation. That punishment may be a suspension of 100 or more games and it could be far worse — a lifetime ban from the game.

On Monday, MLB suspended former National League MVP Ryan Braun for 65 games for his involvement with the South Florida anti-aging clinic and, when the next round of punishment is announced, A-Rod could receive a lifetime ban, according to Jim Axelrod of CBS News.

“They have an overwhelming amount of evidence on this guy showing multiple years of usage,” the source told Axelrod. “He’s met with Major League Baseball. He’s seen the evidence. He is staring down a penalty much, much harsher than Braun’s. It could be years…or even a lifetime suspension.”

USA Today reported that MLB was prepared to hand down a suspension of at least 100 games. Whether he receives a ban or a lengthy suspension, one thing is clear: the evidence on A-Rod is more extensive than that on Braun, according to multiple reports.

“They are looking into his use and also whether he lied, whether he obstructed the investigation and whether he got other players involved,” the source told Axelrod.

That jibes with an ESPN New York report that, according to “sources familiar with the investigation,” the evidence against A-Rod is “far beyond” what the league has against Braun. A-Rod, aka the New York Yankees’ albatross, had been scheduled to return to the team earlier this week, but went on the disabled list with a strained quadriceps. He has not played in the majors since having hip surgery in January.

A-Rod, USA Today reported, will not try to negotiate a settlement with MLB and, unlike Braun, intends to appeal whatever punishment he receives.

Which means that learning the exact punishment is only the beginning.

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