Yessir, that’s Yasiel Puig down there. (Stephen Dunn / Getty Images)

The whole idea of hitting a home run is to be able to leisurely round the bases, like a fat old man with little-girl legs, right?

Perhaps someone could explain that concept to Yasiel Puig, the Los Angeles Dodgers rookie who defeated the Cincinnati Reds and the entire purpose of the home run by sliding into home plate after giving the Dodgers a 1-0 win in the 11th inning Sunday.

“Each player does what he can when he gets to the plate. Some people jump, some people slide, some people run,” he said through a translator. “I have a previous teammate in Cuba that jumped and hurt his ankle. So I decided to slide.”

Makes sense. He’s only 20 and has unlimited energy and talent. Why not slide, particularly after striking out in his three previous at-bats? For good measure, he also flipped his bat and raised his arm to signal a touchdown before rounding the bases. And when he rose to his feet at the plate, his teammates ripped off his shirt.

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