The towel over the head had something to do with Chad Qualls’s tumble. (Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images)

Chad Qualls falls. Too easy?

The Miami Marlins righthander was pretty pumped about stranding runners at the corners in the eighth inning Tuesday night against the New York Mets. So he pumped his fist after a strikeout and, in the most un-Michael-Jordanlike follow-through ever, he promptly went boom, hitting the turf in the Marlins’ 4-2 loss.

Oops. Nice recovery, though.

“As soon as I saw the fist pump, I put my head down,” Marlins Manager Mike Redmond said. “That’s one of those if you win that game, you can watch it. But since we lost, it’s not quite as funny.”

H/T cjzero for the GIF