Judge Linda Marie Bell listened to O.J. Simpson’s testimony last May. (Julie Jacobson / Associated Press)

O.J. Simpson may have been granted parole on some of the charges stemming from his 2008 conviction on kidnapping and robbery charges, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be getting out of jail in Nevada anytime soon.

His parole request was approved Wednesday by the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners, but he must remain incarcerated at least four more years on sentences that were ordered to run consecutively. He was convicted after a holdup of two sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room and originally sentenced to nine-to-33 years in prison.

In an appearance last week before a two-member parole panel, Simpson said he regretted the sting operation in which he tried to retrieve memorabilia from his stellar football career. “Since I came to Lovelock [Correctional Center], I gave them my word that I would be the best prisoner they ever had,” Simpson said (via the Associated Press). “I think I’ve kept my word.”

He’ll remain in Lovelock while he awaits a ruling on a May hearing in which his lawyers argued that he deserved a new trial because he’d received poor counsel. A district court judge has yet to rule on that.

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