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The NFL will take no action against Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper for using a racial slur, Commissioner Roger Goodell said today in an ESPN interview in which he also was asked how that differs from the nickname of the Washington Redskins.

Cooper was fined an undisclosed sum by the Eagles and that is where the punishment will end. “We do not penalize at the club level and league level for same incident,” Goodell said on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” show (listen here). “We will not be taking action separately from the club.”

When asked if the Redskins’ nickname was comparable to the word Cooper used, Goodell defended it just as he has in the past.

“I don’t see that [it’s comparable],” he replied. “That name — and I grew up as a Redskins fan in Washington, D.C. — that’s a name that has always represented pride, heritage, tradition; the things that, I think, have made Redskins fans so proud of that name. And they have always presented the Redskins in a very positive light. … We have to continue to be open and continue to listen, but we also want to make sure we’re doing what’s right to encourage that heritage and that pride that we have in the Redskins name. But we’ll always listen and be open.”

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