Former big-league manager Ozzie Guillen chipped in with his two cents on the travails of Alex Rodriguez and just how the designated heir to baseball’s home-run crown could fall so far, earning a 211-game suspension from Major League Baseball on Monday.

It’s Madonna’s fault.

Makes as much sense as anything, even if a relationship between the slugger and the chanteuse was never really confirmed beyond a 2008 report that A-Rod’s ex-wife believed Madonna was brainwashing him. And besides, Guillen, known for a sharp tongue that often gets him in trouble, did add a couple of “lols” to his tweet:

“its all madonnas fault. every athlete she has been with has gone bad. see canseco, rodman and now rodriguez lol lol lol”

In another helpful tweet, Guillen noted in another tweet that A-Rod, who arrived at the ballpark in Chicago Monday in a gray Cadillac rather than on the New York Yankees’ team bus, “never take[s] the bus to the stadiums.”

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