Mark Murphy signs autographs at a meeting of Packers’ shareholders last month. (H. Marc Larson / AP)

As a college administrator, Mark Murphy, a member of the Washington Redskins Super Bowl XVII team, was confronted with the question of what to do about a controversial nickname.

When he was Colgate’s athletic direction from 1992-2003, the school’s teams were the Red Raiders.

“At some point in time, there was an Indian mascot. That went away,” Murphy said in an interview with WSSP-AM in Milwaukee on Tuesday (via JSOnline). “They kept the Red Raiders name. We studied it long and hard, got a lot of complaints, particularly from faculty on campus. But eventually changed it to just Raiders.”

The situation with the Redskins nickname is a little trickier, Murphy, who is the president and chief executive officer of the Green Bay Packers, admitted.

“I don’t know if there is any way you can change Redskins,” Murphy said. “The owner, Dan Snyder, has come out very strong that he will never change the name. But I am sensitive. It’s a name that’s very derogatory to a lot of people.”

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