Fans aren’t going to see a great deal of Peyton Manning in preseason games. (David Zalubowski / AP)

No one, other than players who are competing for jobs, particularly cares for NFL preseason games and the league is taking another look its product.

According to an report, the league will study games, which begin in earnest tonight, and analyze the amount of time starters play, lineups and reaction from fans. Of particular interest will be the dreaded fourth and final snoozefest of the preseason. The league will even consider lowering prices for preseason games.

The league, of course, still wants to consider revamping the schedule, Ian Rapoport reports, with a regular-season/preseason split of 18-and-2, 16-and-2 or 17-and-3 possible. A decrease in ticket prices would have to be league-wide and would require a vote of owners.

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