Kevin Durant scored from every place, including the free-throw line. (Erika Schultz / AP)

Kevin Durant returned to the place where his professional basketball career began Sunday and gave Seattle fans a bittersweet reminder of just what they’ve been missing since the Sonics became the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Scoring 63 points on 62 shots in nearly 51 minutes of playing time in Jamal Crawford’s Summer Pro-Am, he drew an overflow crowd to a small gym on the Seattle Pacific campus. Afterward, Durant was mobbed — and emotional about the outpouring of affection.


After the game, fans weren’t in the mood to let him go — and he wasn’t in the mood to leave. Fans, mostly kids, rushed to his Cadillac Escalade in the parking lot and he posed for photos and signed autographs.

“I’ve had a fun time here in Seattle,” Durant told the crowd (via the Seattle Times). “I miss you guys. Thank you for the warm welcome, man. I can’t wait to come back.”

Somehow, even if only for road games, that needs to be made to happen.

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