Aaron Ross’s loss is Reggie Wayne’s gain. (Jeff Zeleansky / Getty Images)

It’s only preseason, but Reggie Wayne came up with a catch Sunday night that is going to be tough to top whenever “the catch of the year” is debated.

Aaron Ross of the New York Giants couldn’t haul in an interception of a pass by Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and tipped it into the air. That’s when Wayne made his moves.

“I deserve an interception for that one,” Luck said after the Colts’ 20-12 victory. “I was talking to [backup quarterback Matt] Hasselbeck, and he said ‘No, no you don’t deserve an interception. For all the times you’ll get burned in the rest of your career, you always take the ones that bounce your way.’ But it’s Reggie Wayne. Good things seem to happen when you throw the ball up in his general zip code, area code.”

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H/T Tim Burke