The NFL is serious about this new bag policy. (Seth Perlman / AP)

The NFL’s new policy regarding bags that fans are allowed to bring into stadiums has kicked into high gear at preseason games, but that doesn’t mean fans have to like it.

Especially women who’ve quickly discovered that the league isn’t kidding around.

Fans who don’t have their stuff stowed in the allowed plastic bags are turned away in security lines and they’ve stashed their verboten Vuitton in shrubbery at stadiums and in their cars. They’ve even — gasp — trashed their bags. “My girlfriend had to throw away her purse last night at FedEx,” said one fan who requested anonymity after the team’s Monday night game. “[The rule is] no joke….she is not happy with the Redskins or me.”

Lauren LaBorde and Colleen Allerton, New Orleans comedians with The New Movement, did something about their frustration. They channeled it into a video that has been has been viewed nearly 300,000 times on YouTube.

This much remains clear: the new rule isn’t going away.

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The NFL’s got a brand new bag policy