Although Dennis Rodman said, “I’m not a diplomat,” he is playing the diplomacy game again, returning to North Korea for a meeting with the country’s ruler, Kim Jong Un.

Rodman, who arrived in Pyongyang today, told reporters (via USA Today) in Beijing, that he would “try to bridge a gap with Americans and North Korea” and hopes to have dinner with Kim. He will not, he said, raise the issues of Kenneth Bae, the U.S. citizen who is serving a 15-year sentence to hard labor for what North Korea said were “hostile acts.”

Rodman visited the country last winter with the Harlem Globetrotters , but seemed more interested in promoting his Bad Boy vodka than anything.

“I’ve come out here to see my friend [Kim],” he told Reuters. “I want to talk about basketball.”

And promote some Bad Boy and maybe wear that sports coat with dollar bills on it again.

“There should be a lot of Bad Boy vodka there already,” he joked to USA Today. “They love whiskey, they love tequila, they love vodka, stuff like that, so hoping we’re going over to have a nice dinner, sit and talk about communication and sports.”

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