The coach has made some interesting fashion choices himself. (Vasha Hunt / AP)

Really, is there ever any reason not to Roll Tide?

Particularly for Miss Alabama competing in the Miss America pageant?

Chandler Champion, of course that’s Miss Alabama’s name, has a special outfit planned for the “Show Us Your Shoes” parade Sept. 14 on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. It’s very Roll Tide-y.

At first, this seemed suspicious since the tweeter is self-identified as an Auburn alum. But a little trip to reveals the story of whywhywhy. Why not? Mia Watkins of explains:

The dress was a natural choice for the event, according to Miss Alabama director Nan Teninbaum.

“With Chandler being a University of Alabama student and the university being the national champs for three years, we chose to do national champs,” she said.

Anna Wintour weeps.

H/T CBS’s Eye on College Football

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