(Charlie Neibergall / AP)

The slap seen ’round the world is gonna sting someone other than driver Max Papis.

NASCAR banned and fined Kelly Heaphy, the girlfriend of Mike Skeen, $2,500 for slapping Papis in the face after the Camping World Truck Series race last weekend in Bowmanville, Ontario. Lest any other WAGs get any ideas, NASCAR ruled that Heaphy was subject to fine because she had signed in with the team on a single-event license.

“I’d like to apologize to our sponsors, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and especially the fans on behalf of everyone at Sharp-Gallaher Racing for the incident that occurred following Sunday’s race,” Eddie Sharp Jr. said in a statement (via USA Today). “Although Kelly Heaphy is not an employee of SGR, we absolutely do not condone actions such as these from anyone associated with our organization. It is a shame that this overshadowed the first class event that NASCAR delivered in Canada. We have nothing but respect for NASCAR, and will not appeal the penalty assessed to crew chief Bryan Berry.”

Heaphy’s road rage was triggered when Papis and Skeen bumped twice as they were racing for third place. As Papis complained to reporters about Skeen, Heaphy approached and “this lady, she starts yelling at me,” Papis said Monday (via ESPN). “I had my mouth open a little bit and I didn’t even see things coming. She hit me so hard with an open hand. My ear is still ringing.

“I honestly didn’t even know if it was a spectator or whatever. It was pretty ridiculous.”

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