Lance Armstrong was a bronze medalist 13 years ago. (Laurent Rebours / AP)

Lance Armstrong has surrendered one of the last tangible symbols of his cycling success, turning over the Olympic bronze medal he won in Sydney in 2000.

Armstrong tweeted the update and a photo of the medal Thursday, saying that it should be arriving “asap” at the Swiss headquarters of the International Olympic Committee, which stripped him of the medal and asked for its return. Armstrong, who was stripped last year of his seven Tour de France titles, admitted earlier this year that he had doped during his stellar cycling career.

Patrick Sandusky, a spokesman for the U.S. Olympic Committee, confirmed via Twitter that it had the medal and would be sending it along to Lausanne. There was an airport handoff of the medal, Sandusky said, by Armstrong’s publicist, Mark Higgins.

There was one positive for the disgraced cyclist, though. Earlier this week, a federal judge in California rejected allegations in a lawsuit that Armstrong’s claims about not using performance-enhancing drugs in his best-selling books amounted to fraud and false advertising. The judge sided with Armstrong’s lawyers, who claimed that the books, co-written with the Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins, are protected by the First Amendment.

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