Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez conferred during the game. (Charles Krupa / AP)

Mark Sanchez cut quite the sideline image Thursday night.

Before New York Jets’ game against the New England Patriots, the quarterback stretched. He threw a football — with his left hand. During the game, he was often at the right hand of his coach, the man who had gotten him hurt when he sent him out for the fourth quarter of a preseason game.

But Sanchez wore a headband, not a helmet and, behind Geno Smith, the Jets lost 13-10 to the Patriots on a rainy, sloppy night that seemed fitting for the situation Sanchez is in. There are reports that he needs surgery for a torn labrum in his shoulder, reports that he wants to rehab rather than submit. Sanchez, on Thursday, finally addressed his predicament.

“I’m rehabbing my [butt] off to try and make it back,” Sanchez told the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, “and that’s where my head’s at. There is no plan for surgery at this time.”

Mark Sanchez stretches his injured right shoulder. (Bill Sikes / AP)

The New York Daily News reports that Sanchez prefers that measured approach, with a source saying it would be a “week-to-week evaluation.” Sanchez clearly realizes that his career with the Jets is on the line and had a pointed message for the team.

“What I’m really disappointed about is that I got hurt because I won the [quarterback] competition,” Sanchez said. “There’s no doubt. It was a done deal.”

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