(Will Dickey / AP)

As rallies go, the “Sign Tim Tebow” gathering in Jacksonville on Monday afternoon left a little something to be desired. Namely, people.

It has come to this for Tebow: A movement to bring him to his hometown, to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the state in which he won two national titles at Florida, generated little interest, with estimates of 20-40 people showing up.

Now what happens to him? Well, he’ll continue to work out and maybe loosen his stance that he’ll play only at quarterback in the NFL and see what materializes while sad, oddball offers to play as a novelty come in from places like the Lingerie League and Russia.

The offer from Moscow’s Black Storm isn’t a bad one. Tebow would receive $1 million for playing in an American Football Championship of Russia semifinal and then, possibly, the championship game. But owner Mikhail Zaltsman told Russia Beyond the Headlines that Tebow’s advisers have something else in mind.

“They’re thinking of using him as a motivational speaker,” Zaltsman said. “They don’t want him to play football.”

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