(Rebecca Cook / Reuters)

In the latest installment of Stuff Ndamukong Suh Says, the Detroit Lions defensive tackle talked bout gnats and bees.

What prompted this was a question about players who hit him with low blocks. Suh frequently is fined for his actions — most recently $100,000 for a Week 1 hit — and is working under threat of a likely suspension the next time he delivers a dirty hit. Unmentioned so far have been low hits on Suh, most recently by Arizona’s Paul Fanaika in Week 2.

“Happens all the time,” Suh said (via the Detroit Free Press’s Dave Birkett). “It’s not going to stop. I look forward to it, look forward to keep making plays down the field. That’s my job and to me it’s just gnats that are in the air that keep going after you and you swat at them and sometimes you hit them, sometimes you don’t, sometimes they just run away, sometimes they come back again. But ultimately, I’m that bee going to find that honey hole. That what I go and do.”

Hopefully, when he finds it, there’s some sweet, sweet money in it. Last week he was docked $100,000 for a low block on Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan. Next up this week: the Washington Redskins.

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