Tim Tebow has been a free agent for three weeks now. (Matt Rourke / AP)

Cross Russia off the list of places Tim Tebow might play football and it sounds as if the Russians aren’t taking his nyet well.

“Unfortunately agents of Tim Tebow turn down our proposal,” Mikhail Zaltsman, owner of the Moscow Black Storm, said (via R-Sport, the Russian sports-news service). “I hope that its Tebow’s agents’ fault that the contract wasn’t signed and Tim couldn’t do anything about it. If it was his decision – it’s very upsetting. And in this case we don’t want him in our team anyway.”

The offer of $1 million for two games seemed like the longest of long shots, so there’s really no reason for snippiness. (Maybe Rodman can smooth this over.) Tebow has clearly stated he will “remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback,” even though a “sign Tebow” rally in Jacksonville fizzled last week.

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Tebow would have done incalculable damage to his playing career by taking the offer — the moment he is perceived to have lost focus on returning to the NFL is the moment that his NFL career is really over.


This past week, there was a well-publicized — and absurdly sparsely attended — “rally” in Jacksonville by Jaguars fans who want the team to sign Tebow, something that seems less likely than ever.


But Zaltsman was clearly hurt and offended by the snub, so let’s give him the last word:


“We are looking for the people who pursue their dreams, not the ones who talk about it.”