The fallout from the NFL’s drug-testing process may not have ended with the suspension of Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

Pro Football Talk reports that the Miami-based collector who tried to help Miller cheat the drug testing program by substituting a clean urine sample may have done the same with other players.

The collector, whom ESPN described in its original report as “star struck,” was fired by the league, which then began reviewing collection rules. From PFT:

Potential culprits include include players who spend their offseasons in Miami, and particularly those who may have skipped their team’s offseason programs to work out in South Florida. If a player shows up for the offseason program, they’re no longer subject to the jurisdiction of the Miami-based collector. (Unless they play for the Dolphins.)

Miller’s suspension, originally for four games, was expanded to six and now it’s clear why. The funny business might have worked, Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen report, “had a second collector not discovered that Miller was not in the city where his collection was supposed to have taken place. ‘He’s fast,’ one source said of Miller, ‘but he’s not that fast.'”

More troubling, though, is this from the ESPN report:

One source was “reasonably certain” no money changed hands between Miller and the collector, but there was concern the NFL may have a problem beyond Miller and the collector involved. The NFL and the NFLPA declined comment.

As for Miller, he’ll be back on the field in three weeks, his reputation more than a bit tarnished.

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