(Daniele Mascolo / EPA)

The Great Twitter Feud between Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade started innocently enough, as these skirmishes often do.

Durant, in an interview with CineSport, took issue with Sports Illustrated’s ranking of the top 10 players in the NBA. “I think you’re missing James Harden,” Durant said of his former Oklahoma City teammate. And whom would he replace him with? “Dwyane Wade”

That caught Wade’s attention. On Tuesday night, Wade tweeted a link to an Instagram photo of a hand-written note that read:


Kevin Durant said James Harden should replace me in the Top 10…

Note to self*

Make him respect your place in history… again…”

That did not go unnoticed by Durant, who fired back:

Maybe it’s all in good fun, but the two do seem to spend a lot of time thinking about each other.

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