Carlos Gomez (left) and  Reed Johnson (right) have a difference of opinion, one that cleared the Braves’ and Brewers’ benches.  (Chris Compton / AP / Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Carlos Gomez doesn’t forget.

Still smarting after being hit by a pitch from the Atlanta Braves’ Paul Maholm in June, Gomez chose to unload verbally and with the ol’ stink eye after unloading with a bases-empty home run off Maholm in the first inning of the Milwaukee Brewers’ 4-0 win Wednesday night in Atlanta.

Gomez took a few steps before breaking into a trot, staring at Maholm. He began yapping as he circled the bases and, after he rounded third base, catcher Brian McCann was waiting for him with some choice words of his own. For both benches, that was go time.

“If there is some history there, I think by you hitting a home run, you made a statement,” Braves Manager Fredi Gonzalez said. “But the way [he] behaved around the bases, I think it was embarrassing for a professional baseball player to handle himself that way.”

Gomez was ejected for shoving Reed Johnson and first baseman Freddie Freeman, who’d told Gomez to “act like he’d been here before” as he passed first, for pushing players and coaches who’d piled up.

Gomez, initially, was unrepentant, saying: “I don’t apologize for this. Just take the pain back. You can see the replay. They hit me for no reason, and I tried to get it back today. It’s the only opportunity that I have.”

Later, though, he tweeted: “The way I carried myself on the field is unacceptable. I should have done better to control myself and set a good example.”

Gomez never managed to touch the plate, but the run counted because McCann was charged with obstructing the runner.

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