Jonathan Denver, the Los Angeles Dodgers fan who was stabbed to death in an altercation after a game against the San Francisco Giants on Thursday night at AT&T Park, was remembered as a “hard-working” guy who happened to be the son of a security guard at Dodger Stadium.

Jonathan Denver, shown in a 2013 photo. (AP / via Mendocino County Sheriff's Office) Jonathan Denver, shown in a 2013 photo. (AP / via Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office)

Two men are in custody in connection with the incident and the father of one said his son claimed the stabbing was in self-defense. Police are still looking for two other suspects, although Michael Montgomery, 21, was arrested on suspicion of homicide and booked into San Francisco County Jail. The name of another person who was in custody was not released.

“One of the suspects during the course of the interviews made incriminating statements that give us the indication that he will be the person booked for homicide,” Police Chief Greg Suhr told reporters (via the Associated Press).

“We’re trying to figure out what we’re going to do with the other suspect. The investigation is still ongoing.”

Marty Montgomery, the father of Michael Montgomery, said that his son told him that Denver had yelled, “Dodgers suck,” at a friend of Montgomery’s who was wearing a Giants cap and attacked the Giants group.

“It was a self-defense deal,” Marty Montgomery told the Lodi News-Sentinel. “[Michael] got jumped. [Denver’s group] started swinging chairs and he stabbed [Denver]. [Denver] mouthed off about the San Francisco hat. It wasn’t even [Michael’s] hat.”

Denver was pronounced dead at San Francisco General Hospital and Montgomery described a chilling scene, saying that his son told him, ” ‘I saw him die in his dad’s arms.'”

Denver, 24, was a plumber’s apprentice in Fort Bragg who had gone to the game with his brother to meet up with his father and his father’s girlfriend. “He was a hardworking kid,” Denver’s boss, Cas Smith, said in a KNTV interview.

The Giants-Dodgers rivalry has turned violent before. After the 2011 season opener in Los Angeles, Giants fan Bryan Stow was beaten in a Dodger Stadium parking lot. The Giants held a fund-raiser for Stow, a paramedic who suffered brain trauma in the incident, on Tuesday, tonight and Saturday.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the [Denver] family,” Stow’s family said in a statement, adding that they were “horrified and deeply saddened” by the incident.

Stow, a Northern California paramedic, continues to recover from his injuries.

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