Antrel Rolle thinks the Giants can run the table. (Dave Kaup / Reuters)

Antrel Rolle is bullish on the New York Giants’ immediate future and it has nothing to do with teammate Justin Tuck’s threat to punch any players who turn on Coach Tom Coughlin.

“I believe we can go 12-0 from this point on,” Rolle said of the 0-4 Giants (via ESPN New York). “People can look at me like I’m crazy, but you know, I could really give a damn at this point. This is what I truly believe. I know the talent of this team, I know the mindset of this team. We just have to go out there and put it all together.”

The Giants, who have been outscored 69-7 the last two weeks, suddenly are looking old on offense and defense. At least they were in Sunday’s loss to Kansas City, trailing only by three points late in the third quarter. Like every other coach in the Giants’ division, Coughlin was preaching Monday that the NFC East is wide open. The Giants may be winless, but they’re only two games out of first place and Coughlin noted that “we are aware of the circumstances in the NFC East.”

Next up for the Giants is a game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“This is a 12-game season for us at this point,” Rolle said. “Nothing that has taken place matters. That’s something that we’ve been preaching today. Guys just have to believe again. We have to get back that good feeling again, as far as winning.”

And if that doesn’t work. Justin Tuck can step up.

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