Russell Westbrook hunt out with Vogue’s Anna Wintour last week at Fashion Week in New York. (Louis Lazano / AP)

Russell Westbrook will miss at least the first month of the NBA season after having arthroscopic knee surgery this morning.

The Oklahoma City Thunder announced the news, saying that he had torn meniscus in his knee in a collision with the Houston Rockets’ Patrick Beverley in Game 2 of the Thunder’s first-round playoff series last spring. Westbrook hasn’t played since.

“Russell has been incredible in his work and rehabilitation. He has been pain-free and has performed at a high level during practice, but has experienced recent swelling that had not subsided,” Thunder General Manager Sam Presti said (via “After careful consideration and recommendations from the medical team, we elected to do the procedure today based on our consulting physician’s belief that the swelling would be alleviated, and in turn give Russell the best chance for sustained performance throughout the season and beyond. During the procedure it was determined that the source of swelling was due to a loose stitch, and fortunately we were also able to confirm that the meniscus has healed properly.”

third-year point guard Reggie Jackson is expected to fill in as the starter.

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