LeBron James did the chalk thing before a Beijing Olympics game. (Jonathan Newton / Washington Post)

Lost in all the hubbub about LeBron James and Michael Jordan and who would beat whom one-on-one if there were such a thing as time travel, was this little nugget from NBA 2K14:

King James is bringing back his powder toss.

It seems to be right there on the cover of the video game and, to eliminate any doubt, it’s there in a King James Instagram post that concludes: “#PowderTossComingBackToAnArenaNearYou.”

Never mind whether it was his to begin with, he’s going to do it again after abandoning it when he trained his laser-like focus on winning NBA championships. “What y’all been on tonight!?!” the Instagram post says. “Cause this what I’m on. I remember playing Bulls vs Blazers and Double Dribble like these are the best(which they were at the time). Crazy to me that I’m on the cover of a video game man! #NBA2K14 #CoverBoy #RealestHoopGame #StriveForGreatness #PowderTossComingBackToAnArenaNearYou”

He first dumped the toss during a 2011 playoff series against the Boston Celtics and, although other members of the Heat had adopted the gesture from time to time, he promised during the Finals this year to “get back to it” this season.

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