First, Patrick Roy gave the referees an earful. (David / AP) First, Patrick Roy gave the referees an earful. (David Zalubowski / AP)

It’s a good thing Coach Patrick Roy’s team won. Imagine the possibilities otherwise.

Roy, the former goalie, went a wee little bit ballistic Wednesday night in his very first game as coach of the Colorado Avalanche.

Angry over a hit by Ben Lovejoy of the Anaheim Ducks on Nathan MacKinnon, Roy ended up screaming at Ducks players, then turned his attention to Coach Bruce Boudreau. He banged on the plexiglass partition that separates the benches and nearly brought the thing down.

“I was not very happy, with their defenseman kneeing our guy,” Roy, who was given a game misconduct, said afterward (via CBS “After that, there was some talk from the coaches, I guess. So what am I going to do?”

Boudreau pointed out that, um, the Avalanche have at least 81 games left to play.

“A coach has no right to start yapping at players,” Boudreau said (via ESPN). “It’s not our job to be yapping at players.

“I told him that it’s bull, it’s bush league. He did what he did, but I mean it’s going in for a long year if he’s going to yell at every player and yell at the refs at every stoppage of play. It’s just not the way the game’s played.”

The Avalanche won 6-1.

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