Paul Rhoads was angry…and he grew angrier after Iowa State lost to Texas. (Charlie Neibergall / AP)

Iowa State Paul Rhoads was furious with officials after the Cyclones’ 31-30 loss to Texas on Thursday night and he let loose with a classic rant afterward.

The Cyclones had dominated much of the game, but Longhorns running back Case McCoy scored the game-winning touchdown on a 1-yard run after Johnathan Gray twice lost the ball after getting stopped short of the goal line. Twice, officials ruled Gray down by contact.

It was enough to infuriate a coach and what resulted was a rant reminiscent of Mike Gundy’s “I’m a man! I’m 40!” gem at Oklahoma State. With Rhoads, it wasn’t so much the words as the delivery:

“I’ve got the privilege as the head coach of this football program to face my players, win or lose, and look them in the eye and [say] how proud I am of the work they put forth, the effort they gave.”

He went on, his voice rising and becoming more emotional.

“To make a play on the 1-yard line with their backs against the wall — clear to everybody — and have it taken away from them … that’s hard to express. You don’t just put an arm around a guy and tell him it’s okay when that happens to him. I’m so proud of the effort my kids gave to win this football game.”


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