Just a guy and a squirrel, watchin’ some golf.  (Matt Sullivan / Getty Images)

It was a zany day for Tiger Woods at the Presidents Cup on Thursday. A small, young squirrel frolicked on his back and, with a little help from Matt Kuchar, he rocked a “Fresh Prince” thing.

Who is this guy now?

First, the squirrel …because this is October, the month when the puffy-tailed critters traditionally high-jack America’s Sporting Landscape.

Davis Love III, a U.S. assistant captain, encountered the critter on the second hole at Muirfield Village in Dublin, Ohio, and, worried that “it was going to get run over,” picked it up. He carried it around and darned if the U.S. didn’t start winning. (Steve Stricker’s wife named it Sammy because of Uncle Sam and a degree of uncertainty over its gender.) Everyone on the U.S. team took to it, especially Tiger Woods’s girlfriend, skier Lindsey Vonn. She “loves him,” Love said (of the squirrel).

Lindsey Vonn does seem to like the little guy. (Jay LaPrete / AP)

At one point, she took Sammy from Love, who had it in his pocket (which seems like a poorly-considered idea), and placed the animal on Woods’s back. Initially, the golfer was unamused.

But this is Sammy and he won Woods over quickly. Sammy also brought the U.S. team luck and the lead on the first day of competition, which also featured Woods and Kuchar doing this:

(Jay LaPrete / AP)

“I figured this guy was the perfect Carlton,” Kuchar said, comparing Woods to the preppy guy on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

“Thank you very much,” Woods fired back (with a smile).

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