(Sharon Ellman / AP)

The Dallas Cowboys lost a heartbreaker, a soul-crusher Sunday evening, but owner Jerry Jones wasn’t downcast by the 51-48 loss to the Denver Broncos.

“I’m so encouraged,” Jones said (via the Dallas Morning News). “I’m extremely encouraged over the way we competed, the way we were undaunted. I’m encouraged we played at the level we played in a lot of areas.

“This was a moral victory today for us.”

Unfortunately, those moral victories go into the “loss” column. Jones was jazzed by the performance of his quarterback, too. Tony Romo passed for 506 — 506! — and was rolling until he threw a Romoesque pass that was intercepted with the score 48-48.

“I see the fundamentals of what our plan was when we were in the offseason,” Jones said. “A quarterback who can do it all, create, come out of there and use that skill. … If he plays like that, we’re going to have one heck of a year. We’ll beat most teams we play.

“Knowing we’ve got the games that we’ve got left in our division, we should feel positive about what we’ve got in the future.”

He’s right about that. Every single owner and coach in the NFC East is saying that today. Now, all the Cowboys have to do is shake this one off, somehow.

“I would much rather have played them and won,” Jones said of the Broncos, “but if I can’t win, I’ll take what I’ve got.”

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