Tiger Woods, pictured here with Sammy the Squirrel, helped lead the United States over the International team in the Presidents Cup. (Matt Sullivan / Getty Images)

Before Tiger Woods could wrap up the Presidents Cup victory for the United States on Sunday, he was interrupted by a female streaker who ran onto the course.

Approaching the final hole at Muirfield in Ohio, the woman appeared in a red thong … red, white and blue stickers to cover her nipples, before proceeding to sprint across the 18th green trailing the American flag.
The Independent

Despite the stunt, there were reports that the woman managed to evade capture while on the course.

The streaker…was not immediately identified. Fans on the grounds said the woman ran all the way up the 18th fairway a little after 2 p.m. ET, evading police trying to catch her. She was eventually caught by police, covered with a jacket and will likely be left to pay some kind of fine.
Golf News Net

Woods would go on to sink the victory-clinching putt, and the Americans won 18.5 to 15.5 against the International side.