There’s an Andrew Luck corn maze in Waterloo, Ind. Take that, Peyton Manning. (AP Photo)

This is a fine mess his team’s owner has gotten him into.

As if there weren’t enough pressure on Andrew Luck as Peyton Manning, his predecessor as Colts quarterback, rolls into Indianapolis on Sunday with the Denver Broncos, Jim Irsay kicked up a media firestorm with comments in which he seemingly dissed Manning for winning only one Super Bowl.

How is Luck, who’s coming off a poor performance in the Colts’ loss Monday night, dealing with that?

“It’s a football game,” he told reporters Wednesday (via “We’re not ignorant. We know who’s coming to town. We know it’s a great football team, a great challenge for us, a great opportunity for us. I don’t think there’ll be a problem keeping focused for us.”

There will be further chatter. And, make no mistake, there will be comparisons.

But, lest anyone forget, the Colts drafted Luck. It wasn’t the other way around.

“I never viewed it as replacing Peyton,” he said of his mindset. “I just viewed it as an opportunity to play quarterback in the NFL. It just so happens that one of the greats of all time was here before me.”


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