Allen Iverson was honored at a 76ers game in March. (H. Rumph Jr. / AP)

The NBA career of Allen Iverson is expected to officially come to an end Oct. 30, ESPN and report.

Iverson hasn’t played in the league since February 2010 and retirement rumors have swirled for a while, but the end for AI may come at the Philadelphia 76ers’ home opener against the Miami Heat in 12 days.

Iverson, 38, is an 11-time all-star and former rookie of the year who played for Besiktas in Turkey in 2011 and in an exhibition in China last year. Although he tweeted in January that “my dream has always been to complete my legacy in the NBA,” that opportunity never materialized. Over the spring, there was an incident involving custody of his children and his financial health has always been a topic of speculation.

In late March, he was honored at a Sixers game and, afterward, he discussed what would happen if basketball were over for him with CSN Philly. That’s an ongoing concern for everyone who knows Iverson.

“I put it in God’s hands. He has done so much for me and given me so much,” Iverson told Dei Lynam. “The NBA has given me so much obviously, making me a household name, and I have accomplished a lot in the NBA. And if the road ends here, then it does and I am not bitter about it. I don’t feel no type of way because I understand that he helped me accomplish so many things in the NBA and so many things that people thought that I couldn’t do.

“At some point it comes to an end regardless, however it comes, whether it is retirement or injury, at some point it comes to an end,” Iverson continued. “I am happy and content with everything that has gone on in my life and I am just looking for the next phase, and if I get a chance to play again I would love the opportunity, but if not I will continue to just be happy.”

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