(Frank Franklin II / AP) (Frank Franklin II / AP)

Kevin Garnett would like LeBron James to MYOB and he wasted no time saying as much after the Brooklyn Nets and Miami Heat played a preseason game Thursday night.

“Tell LeBron to worry about Miami,” Garnett, the former Boston Celtics player, said. “It has nothing to do with Celtic business.”

KG was responding to James’s comment that Garnett and Nets teammate Paul Pierce owed the Heat’s Ray Allen an apology for criticizing Allen for leaving Boston because Garnett and Allen did the same thing. There was just one little flaw in James’s analysis: Garnett and Pierce (and Jason Terry) were traded by the Celtics to the Nets (with more than a little bit of involvement on their parts). Allen left as a free agent.

“I left Boston?” Pierce said incredulously after the game, reworking history just a bit.

Still, it’s a fun little preseason dust-up in a larger picture in which the old Celtics-Heat rivalry, as CBS Sports.com’s Ken Berger notes, has just relocated and re-emerged.

“It was always fun playing against the Celtics,” James said before the game. “Always. The chemistry, the DNA, guys having a lot of pride – you had to kill those guys, man. They wouldn’t stop. They got me a few times and I was able to get them a few times. It was great fun playing against those Celtics teams.”

Now the Nets’ new coach, Jason Kidd, is in the mix. From Berger:

Whatever happens with this Brooklyn team — how much of Kidd’s floor smarts translate to the bench, how much of Garnett’s heart and Pierce’s ruthlessness are left — there is one thing they can count on. They are still coming after LeBron James; and he after them.

Plus, the Nets have the cookie dance.